More hops! More Instagram! More winners!

You may recall our last Instagram contest, which was held in late May and featured one of my absolute favorite things to drink, rosé wine.  Well, given the success of that contest, it looks like that many of you also love Instagram, drinks, and putting pictures of your drinks on Instagram!

So let’s do it again!  I spent some time thinking about what our topic should be and it’s pretty clear there’s only one thing: fresh hops.  Take pictures of vines growing in your backyard or pictures of your fresh hopped homebrew or pictures of a new favorite hoppy beer.  Really, you can take pictures of just about anything as long as you can tie it into our hoppy theme.

How it works:

-Upload your picture to Instagram and use the hashtag #freshhopbb.

-We’ll pick our favorites and then host a vote.  The winner of the public vote receives a $25 gift certificate to the store to spend on all their favorites!

-The contest runs from now until Wednesday, September 18th.

-Your pictures don’t have to be of hops!  Whatever you’re drinking, whoever you’re with, whichever backyard you happen to be in is all fair game.  Just take a pretty picture!


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