Instagram Contest! (Don’t worry, it involves drinking too.)


Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 12.59.06 PM

Summer is coming, right?  RIGHT? I know, it’s super rainy right now, but my favorite way to deal with the spring showers is to pretend the sun is shining.  I do this by closing my eyes and sipping a fresh, delicate rosé.  Then I Instagram a picture and tag it #roséporn and chuckle.  Never fails to cheer me up from the rainy day doldrums!

Okay, so now YOU try!

How it works:

-Upload your picture to Instagram and use the hashtag #roséporn.

-We’ll pick our favorites and then host a vote.  The winner of the public vote receives a $25 gift certificate to the store to spend on all their favorites!

-The contest runs from now until the day of our first Friday rosé tasting (June 7th).

-Your pictures don’t have to be of pink wine!  Whatever you’re drinking, whoever you’re with, whichever backyard you happen to be in is all fair game.  You know, just take a pretty picture!



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